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"I come Home Every Night and know I've made a difference in those kids' lives..."

That’s a common feeling among Stretch-n-Grow’s 200+ affiliates around the world.  And that’s why we think there has never been a better time than NOW to open up your own Stretch-n-Grow® children’s fitness business!  Here’s why:

It's Totally Affordable

Our low cost of entry makes this a great business anyone can start in their spare time, and get going in no time.

We Provide Great Training

You'll receive training from our most successful affiliates who have Stretch-n-Grow businesses of their own.

The Curriculum is Fresh

Our fun, imaginative programs make everyone happy, and we provide ongoing updates to make sure they stay that way.

We Help You Get Business

We provide the marketing tools and the 26 years of proven sales advice you'll need to win clients in an exclusive territory of your own.

Kids Absolutely Love it

Our affiliates are welcomed like the superheroes they are--every time they walk in to start a Stretch-n-Grow class. You will be, too.

Ready to Become a Stretch-n-gro pro?™

You Get to build a business you'll love,
and they get so much more!

Basic Strength Building

Simple muscle stretching exercises along with muscle identification

Physical Education with Imagination

Creative, playful scenarios that keep them thinking--as well as moving

The Fitness Mindset

Fitness and health are always central to each class

Basic Cardio

We make moving fun, and it's part of several imaginative programs.

Community Skills

Learning to work together builds the social skills they will need for the future.

Great Heart Start

It's the biggest winner here, because everyone loves SNG!


I joined the Stretch-n-Grow team in March of 1994 and that was the start of an "exerciting" ride that I am still enjoying today. Being a part of this company has rewarded me in so many ways over the years. I have learned how to run a successful business, I have touched the lives of hundreds of children, I have had the flexibility for my own family, I have gained a ton of confidence, and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Michelle Johnson
Loveland, CO
Affiliate since March 1994

I decided to quit my career and focus on Stretch-n-Grow. I loved being at home more, and spending time with my children as I began to build the business. We both enjoy the flexibility, income, and creativity that a being a Stretch-n-Grow owner allows. SNG has helped us to grow in so many ways, in education, as business owners, as parents and most important has grown our faith and trust in God. Mike and I have a great passion for working with children. It is a great feeling to know that you are impacting lives and teaching life changing habits!

Barb & Mike Merchant
Cincinnati, OH
Affiliates since May 1996


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